2022 Prices

Stalls tickets
Adults: £17 (Front Stalls)       £19 (Rear Stalls)       £20 (Centre)
Under 16 : £12

Gallery tickets
Adults: £23 (Restricted View)*      £26 (Side and Rear)       £28 (Central Block)
Under 16: £17

Box tickets
Adults: £28

*Restricted View Seats – With nearly 200 performers filling the stage, these seats may not give vision of performers on far right/left of stage. Sound quality is still excellent of course as the seats are in the front rows of the gallery.

(Regrettably wheelchair bookings can only be accepted for Stalls seats)

Tickets are now available and can be booked online through Ticketsource

Tickets will be issued to you directly by email. 
NB; email tickets will show multiple tickets on one email to alleviate the need for excessive printing. If you make a group booking, you may forward the email to others in your party to print or keep in their smart phone for reference.

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Please note that tickets can only be purchased online this year. If you have any queries, then please do not hesitate to contact us by email.